2Fort with bridge and RED Base TF2
Basic Information
Map Type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_2fort
Developer(s) Valve
Map Info
Environment Farmland
Setting Daylight, sunny
Deep Water Yes
Pyrovision Yes
Map Items
Health icon TF2 Health Kits
Small Health pickup TF2 x 2 · Medium Health pickup TF2 x 2
Ammo icon TF2 Ammo Boxes
Small Ammo pickup TF2 x 2 · Medium Ammo pickup TF2 x 2
"Dis map ain't big enough for da two of us!"
The Scout on adjacent bases

2Fort is a Capture the Flag map and the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name; these maps are both based on the Team Fortress map "2fort5". 2Fort was the first official CTF map for Team Fortress 2, and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release. Two similar forts oppose each other, separated by a stream of water. A covered bridge spans the stream and battlements exist on each fort, providing excellent positions to assault oncoming players, particularly for Snipers.

There are three entrances into each fort, however not all of them are accessible to every class. The primary entrances are the two openings on the ground level. There are short ramps leading up to each entrance, and the entrances converge under an open grate. These ramps allow defenders to attack intruders from above. The second entrance is through the sewers which runs underneath each base. The entryway between the sewers and the base features a stairway and a pool of water; this area is a viable chokepoint. The third entrance is the battlements of each base, which can generally only be accessed by using special jumping maneuvers as a Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, or Engineer. It can also be accessed by a Medic equipping the Quick-Fix who is healing a Soldier or Demoman.

2Fort's bases are the easiest to defend of all stock CTF maps due to the long, easily-blocked passages leading to and from the enemy team's flag room. Every capture will require a substantial amount of team coordination, especially when the player count is high.

To win, your team must capture the opposing team's Intelligence continuously until you reach the game's capture limit (3 by default), while preventing the enemy from achieving that same goal.

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