2fort tfc

The map 2fort, as it appeared in Team Fortress Classic.

2Fort is a map featured in all of the Team Fortress games. It is simply 2 forts (1 to each team), divided by a deep, water-filled trench. A bridge that spans this trench connects the 2 fortifications, specifically at ground level. On the ground, it had a large patch of plain, level ground with 2 entry ramps that leads to the interior of the fortification. On the lower level of the fort held the building's underground sewers, which acted as a stealthy entry/exit to the base. On the upper level were the battlements, a balcony that spaned the entire length of the exterior of the fort, which acted as a lookout area. There are numerous variations of 2Fort that exist.

QWTF 2FortEdit

The original QWTF versions were 2Fort5 and 2Fort4. The patch of level ground on ground level was noticeably much larger than that of its successors, as well as the fact that many weapons, items and ammo were scattered across this plain. Also, there were no ladders in the trench that could be used to get back onto the ground in both 2Fort maps.

TFC 2FortEdit

The TFC 2Fort was overall the same, but used textures from Half-Life. It had an fanmade remake named (2MorFort). The only 2 major differences between the TFC version and the QWTF version were:

  1. The TFC version's elevated battlements
  2. The QWTF version had a longer trench.

Screenshots Edit

Granary concept

TF2 2fort

2fort tfc

TFC version.


2Fort5, as it appeared in QWTF.

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