The Assault Cannon is a weapon in the classic Team Fortress series of games and is only used by the Heavy Weapons Guy. It is an automatic weapon that fires bursts of bullets which are similar to the spread of pellets fired by the Single-Barrel Shotgun. When the user holds down the fire key, the gun must wind up a second before firing – a problem if the target is fast. It uses shells as ammo and does not need to be reloaded.

Team Fortress ClassicEdit

In Team Fortress Classic, the Minigun is much improved from its Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress incarnations. The most important change is that you can now move while firing the gun. However, your running speed is slow while firing the Minigun, so don't expect to be hopping around everywhere. Since you can now move while firing, it is possible to dodge certain attacks, such as a few Nails that are fired at you or a long-distance rocket.

The ability to move while firing also makes it possible to use the Minigun while attacking an enemy's base. When attacking, try to position yourself so that you can easily move out of an enemy's line of wight while firing the Minigun. That way, you can attack and can easily retreat if you see an enemy is deliberately firing at you. Interestingly, you could jump whilst firing the weapon.

Another change is that the Minigun no longer uses Cells and instead uses shells. Because it now shares ammo with the Shotgun and Super Shotgun, this a disadvantageous change, so be careful to conserve ammo.


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