Badlands overlooking RED base TF2
Basic Information
Map Type King of the Hill
File name koth_badlands
Developer(s) Valve
Map Info
Environment Desert
Setting Dusk, cloudy
Deep Water Yes
Pyrovision Yes
Map Items
Health icon TF2 Health Kits
Small Health pickup TF2 x 2 · Medium Health pickup TF2 x 3
Ammo icon TF2 Ammo Boxes
Medium Ammo pickup TF2 x 6
For other uses, see Badlands.
"It’s the classic Badlands map you know and love—but now there’s less of it! We pain-stakingly cut out vast swaths of map to bring you Badlands’ inaugural King of the Hill competition."
―Koth_Badlands publicity blurb

Badlands (King of the Hill) is an alternate version of Badlands (Control Point) and Badlands (Arena) that has been modified to fit the King of the Hill gameplay type. It was originally tested in the Team Fortress 2 beta, and then released with the Hatless Update.

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