The Bat is the default melee weapon for the Scout. It is an aluminium baseball bat sporting a rubber tape grip, a faded green oval label, and a large dent on its side. The Bat deals 30-40 damage, and attacks twice a second. This is about on par with other default melee weapons, as they can only swing once per second and deal 55-75 damage, usually about 65, while the Bat will deal about 35 damage. 35 + 35 = 70, allowing for an overall higher damage-per-second rate of 70 to 65. This will help since the Scout is the fastest class, but his low health makes using his default stock melee weapon rare, and how all of his primary weapons are excellent at close range. However, the Bat has no downsides, being a stock weapon.
Item icon Festive Bat

The festive bat.

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