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The Bazaar Bargain is a community-made primary weapon for the Sniper. It's a long, ornately carved rifle with a small circular sight attached to a long rod, secured with golden straps. It has a curved stock with a golden recoil pad and a laser sight attached under the barrel. This weapon has the same reload time and damage as the default Sniper Rifle. The base charge rate's 20% slower, taking about 4 seconds to fully charge a shot. However, after landing a headshot, the charge is 10% faster. The max amount it can be sped up is 45% faster than the Sniper Rifle, making charges take a little less than 2 seconds. However, after a bodyshot, a miss, or a shot on a building when scoped, the charge time is slowed by 10%. Since an Engineer building doesn't count as a head or a body, the charge is still decreased. However, without the scope, the charge never changes, so you can shoot freely without using the scope. The charge boost is reset upon death but not when resupplying at lockers. Oddly, when a Demoman wielding a head-taking weapon, such as the Eyelander, kills you and you have heads as well, he'll take your heads into his count as if he'd killed another Demoman with a head count. This is likely a bug.