The Beggar's Bazooka is a primary weapon for the Soldier. It is a crude rocket launcher made from pipes, mismatched handles and a filter held together with bolts, electrical tape, and various straps and belts. A funnel is attached to the end as a makeshift exhaust port. This weapon's rockets deal the same damage as the default Rocket Launcher's do. Holding the fire button down will make the player load up to three rockets, letting go of the fire button will releash a barage of the 3 or less rockets that fire 70% faster. While this weapon is active, the user cannot get ammo from dispensers. If the fire button is held for more than the 3 rockets loaded, the rocket launcher will misfire, which will damage the player 27-90 damage, or 27-46 damage if it is used for a rocket jump. All loaded rockets before a misfire will be put back into the ammo, and will not automatically fire, contary to the popular belief that the misfire is the player automatically firing the 3 rockets downward. This also has 3 more random degrees of deviation, making it vastly less accurate and more of a need to shoot a minimum of 3 rockets to at least have splash damage on a target. Misfired rockets take 1 ammo from the clip.

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