Bleed effect kill icon TF2

Bleed icon above health cross when bleeding.

Bleeding or Bleed is a status inflicted on players that slowly drains their health. It does normally 4 damage every 0.5 seconds. Bleeding can mini-crit, doing 5 damage with the normal time for that weapon inflicting bleed. Bleeding can only crit with one weapon, the Flying Guillotine, doing 12 damage every 0.5 seconds. Bleeding makes the player say voice lines, and has red blood particles coming out the player as if they were being hurt directly. Bleeding does not stack if the same weapon that initially caused it made that player bleed, but will stack between multiple weapons that make players bleed. It can be cured by eating/taking a lunchbox item (such as a Sandvich, touching a Med Kit, or going to a resupply locker. Bleeding is a useful tool for getting cloaked spies out of the area, as they will be semi-cloaked for the bleed duration since they are taking damage.

Bleed-Inducing WeaponsEdit


Flying Guillotine:The bleed lasts 5 seconds while doing normal damage. If the cutter is thrown on a Stunned enemy, it will do crit bleeding which does 12 damage instead of the normal 4 damage.

Wrap Assassin: Does normal bleed damage for 5 seconds. Also, the scout can launch a bauble by using their alt-fire button at their target. If hit, the target will be affected by bleeding damage for 5 seconds. Critting baubles does not prolong the bleeding effect.

Boston Basher/Three-Rune Blade: Does normal bleed damage for 5 seconds. Critical hits will not affect bleeding. Careful when you use this weapon though, every time you miss your target with this weapon, YOU are affected with the bleed damage.


Tribalman's Shiv: Does normal bleed damage for 6 seconds. Critical hits do not affect the bleeding.


Southern Hospitality: Does normal bleed damage for 5 seconds. Critical hits do not affect bleed damage in any way.

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