"Do you have any idea what ungodly sum I'm paying you vagrants to push a corpse a hundred feet?"
- Blutarch Mann "encouraging" the BLU Team to push Redmond to Hell

Blutarch Mann
Blutarch Mann, circa 1850
Type Non-playable Character
Name Blutarch Mann
Race English
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Hometown (city unspecified) America
Job Chief Executive Officer of BLU™
Voice Actor Nolan North
Blutarch Mann is one of the triplets conceived by Bette Mann (née Darling), wife of wealthy Englishman, Zepheniah Mann. Blutarch is well known for founding a company, specifically 'BLU' (Builders League United), which rivaled his brother Redmond's company, RED (Reliable Excavation and Demoliton).

Early Life Edit

Blutarch, along with brothers Redmond and Gray, were born to Zepheniah and Bette Mann, on the 2nd of September, 1822. Both Blutarch and Redmond were born perfectly, as a normal child would, aside from their brother, Gray, who was abducted suddenly by an Eagle, which resulted into them growing up without ever knowing about their third brother. Although both were fine in birth, they are described as dimwitted and brain defective.

Gravel ARC Edit


An elderly Blutarch on his share of the land

Both brothers convinced their father, Zepheniah, to purchase large areas in frontier America. Zepheniah did purchase the land, however he left the land to be equally divided and shared by the two brothers, which resulted to both their lifelong feud and the founding of BLU and RED, which both hired 9 mercenaries to take down each other.

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An overly-exaggerated depiction of Blutarch.

Immortality Machine Edit

As the situation they were in quickly turned into a downright stalemate, both brothers looked to Radigan Conagher (The Engineer's Grandfather) to build them a life-extending machine, each brother hoping to outlive the other. But it still resulted into a huge stalemate, until one day.

Death Edit

110px-Blutarch 1972

Blutarch in the Alamo

Both brothers were tricked into a formal meeting in the Alamo; both have decided on a truce to get one of them pregnant to create a heir. until things took a turn for the worse, as Gray Mann who secretly was their brother, had shown forth and assassinated them both; which resulted into Mann vs. Machine and the issues of comics published on the official website.

Grave Matters Edit

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Blutarch and Redmond settling the argument

In this comic, Redmond and Blutarch had became ghosts shortly after they were murdered by brother Gray. The first thing Blutarch did was to gloat about how he outlived his brother by a few seconds, while Redmond on the other hand, explains that he was still bleeding out after Blutarch died, after a heated argument, they both approach RED Soldier for legal help to determine who really won their father's land. RED Soldier says that since they're ghosts, neither of them are dead, but caught in between worlds and none of them have won until one of them has passed on. This resulted on both of them phoning their secretaries to organize each mercenary to push his brother to Hell. (Which is the Helltower Event.)

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