The Bonk! Atomic Punch is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Scout class. It is a small energy drink can with a team-appropriate label; RED's flavor of Bonk! is "Cherry Fission", while BLU's is "Blutonium Berry". To activate, use your alternative fire (default MOUSE2 or right click) or taunt key, (default G). While active, the user is in third person mode and cannot attack, but can taunt kill, and is invincible for the duration. This takes 2.4 seconds to consume, lasts for 8 seconds, and takes 24 seconds to recharge. If the user is pushed into the air or water while taunting, the taunt will stop immediately, but the bar will still be consumed. The RED version says "Now with ISOTOPES!", has a flavor of "Cherry Fission" (involves radiation) and the BLU version says "Now with 33% MORE REAL Radiation!", with a flavor of "Blutonium Berry".

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