The Buffalo Steak Sandvich a rib-eyed steak. It does not give any health back but instead grants you mini-crits on your melee weapon, whilst increasing your speed as a heavy to 99.6%. The downside to this Sandvich is that it does not let you switch away from your melee weapon whilst it is active, and the user will take 25% extra damage.

This Sandvich is droppable as a medium health pack for classes other than heavies If a heavy without a charge on their Sandvich attempts to pick it up, it will instantly recharge their sandvich. This sandvich takes 30 seconds to recharge naturally, and can be resupplied at resupply lockers. It is worth noting that this is exclusively available only for the heavy, as are all sandviches. Oddly, while this Sandvich is call a sandvich in the title, it doesn't have bread in the item picture and model, and in the description it says: "Who needs bread?".