Stats Edit

  • +20% fire vulnerability
  • turns any mini crits into full crits

Play Style Edit

This is a great knife with combination with the Cleaners Carbine and Jarate. When someone gets close to you the best thing at your disposal is your knife, the SMG is never going to kill anyone at any decent HP level and good luck lining up a headshot on someone 2 feet away from you, the Bushwacka cen be extremely powerful or extremely pointless depends on how you use it. If you dont use it with Jarate than there is no point not much else to say about it, if you don't pair it up with a mini crit weapon than you would be better off sticking with the Shahansha. If you do use it to it's potential than you might as well knight yourself and call it the Excalibur because this thing packs a heck of a punch.

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