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Civilian tf2
the planned tf2 model for civilian
BurningCowAdded by BurningCow

The Civilian is a playable class in the Team Fortress series. It is only playable in QWTF, ETF, and Team Fortress Classic.

Team Fortress ClassicEdit

Civilian tfc
The TFC Civilian.
KlowAdded by Klow

The Civilian was the 'escort' in VIP maps for Team Fortress Classic, His maximum health is 50 and has no armor and only armed with the Umbrella. His role was to reach the evacuation point before being assassinated by the assassins. The Hunted must reach the truck alive. The Assassins need to kill The Hunted. The Bodyguards need to protect The Hunted. Scoring: If The Hunted dies, the Assassins get 50 points. If The Hunted reaches the truck, he and the Bodyguards gain 100 points. Other Notes: Whenever The Hunted dies or makes it to the truck, all players are moved back to their starting positions.

Team Fortress 2Edit

Team fortress 2 heavyguy side
Stance of Heavy in "Civilian" Mode
DAMike2468Added by DAMike2468

For Team Fortress 2, the Civilian is the glitch in which a player remains in a reference pose but are still able to attack and move, but at a slow pace. This glitch has been patched unfortunately due to an update which took away the Heavy.

By typing "join_class civilian" into the console you will respawn as a weaponless Scout who moves slowly and is unable to double jump. In first person view it appears as though you have a weapon, but there is no ammo meter and you cannot fire it. This code has also been patched.


  • The Civilian makes an appearance in the TF2 commercial "Meet the Sniper" as a bobblehead figure. This is most likely due to the fact that in the 'Escort' game mode in Team Fortress Classic, the opposing team (Assassins) are comprised entirely of snipers.
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