The Cleaner's Carbine is a secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a submachine gun with a suppressor and folding skeletal stock. This is a level 1 SMG. This weapon has a 20% smaller clip size, and fires 35% slower, and has no random critical hits. However, on kill, it grants the user mini-crits on all weapons equipped for 8 seconds. The user can use this boost to kill another enemy easier and continue the mini-crit boost. This weapon generally forces the player to aim for the target instead of firing away rapidly, due to it's smaller clip size. Reloading will take a little over a second, and the clip size is 20 instead of 25. This weapon is great when you weaken a enemy with a headshot, and go for the kill, and then use your mini-crits with the Bushwacka to have free guaranteed melee critical hits which do 195 damage per hit.

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