Medi Gun community info TF2

The Community item quality is specifically granted by Valve to individuals who have made significant, valuable contributions to the Team Fortress 2 community or the game itself. Community items have the Community Sparkle particle effect attached and an additional description string stating "Given to valuable Community Contributors".

A small number of items with the community quality receive an additional boost to their Phong shading exponent, resulting in item having a glossier appearance (whenever the item's material specifically supports it using a material proxy). The Medigun material is one example of such a material.

Initially, Community items had a hidden item attribute which increased their damage capability by 10 percent, however, this has since been removed.

Stock weapons that were awarded the Community quality prior to the introduction of the Name and Description Tags are derived from their original Normal quality variants, making them unable to be named or described with either tag. Now, however, Community quality items are derived from Unique quality variants and behave as expected.

The hexadecimal color code for the Community quality is

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