The Conniver's Kunai is a promotional melee weapon for the Spy. It is a Japanese kunai dagger with a cloth-bound handle that ends in a ring. This weapon lowers the max health of a spy by 55, so the spy has 70 health making him extremely fragile. However, upon a successful backstab, the spy will steal all the health the person had before being backstabbed. The Overheal of the spy is slightly higher than usual (210) despite the decreased health. The overheal of the spy decays at a rate of 2 health a second, taking from max overheal to regular health 42.5 seconds. The backstab also negates all harmful effects such as fire and bleeding, but not Jarate and Mad Milk. There was once a short bug that the user collected no health from backstabbing players, due to the old mechanic being that the health was collected after death, and by which then they had no health becuase they were dead. It was unknown when it was fixed.

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