The Cozy Camper is a community-created secondary weapon for the Sniper. It is a large team-colored backpack with camping gear attached. The attached gear includes Jarate, a Stainless Pot, a miniature Australian flag, and a koala doll with a slouch hat. The pot and the Jarate sway when the Sniper moves. It is a level 10 backpack. This weapon is passive, and cannot be selected. It grants a 1 health regenerated per second bonus, along with no flinching while aiming letting you take out heavys shooting you from far range with ease. Also, you take 80% less knockback when equipped, making weapons like the Scout's Force-A-Nature or the Pyro's Compression blast much less effective, and practically no knockback from weapons with no knockback bonuses. The only downside is a 20% damage vulnerability, which is a fairly high price for the medium-low rewards it gives, depending on your playstyle.

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