Croc shield large.31b66e389dfd7895f0ba17c4d6f10bf971156c39

Stats Edit

  • +25 extra health on wearer
  • +15% bullet resistance on wearer
  • +20% damage from explosives

Play Style Edit

The Danger Shield is absolutely essential for an aggressive Sniper because when you up closer to your team you will be #1 target for enemy Snipers and the Shield stops a head shot from killing you instantly and gives you a chance to get health and locate the Sniper and take him down with a JFK experience of your own. While the explosive damage can be tough you just have to be more careful, don't go for clutch headshots on a Soldier or Demo, just run. The key to using this weapon well is to stay at max health at all costs because if you don't your shield won't protect you from headshots and become a burden like Stephen Hawking in a cave expidition.

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