Demoman's Fro
Demoman with the Demoman's Fro TF2
Demoman's Fro RED TF2 Demoman's Fro BLU TF2
Basic Information
Worn by Demoman
Released Sniper vs. Spy Update
Availability Retired, Uncrate #7, Uncrate #10
Tradable Yes
Giftable Yes
Paintable Yes
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
"Get a haircut, hippie!"
The Soldier

The Demoman's Fro is a headwear item for the Demoman. It is an afro hairstyle with short sideburns and a team-colored headband.

The Demoman's Fro, with its small size and signature headband, is intended to resemble the afro worn by the rock legend Jimi Hendrix, rather than the oversized and iconic "disco" afro.