EMP Grenade

Depends on how much ammo the victim is holding

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The EMP Grenade (Pulse Grenade in ETF) is a secondary grenade in the Team Fortress games. When the grenade explodes, it detonates all of the ammo of those that are in the grenade's explosion radius. In addition, it can also detonate ammo in Backpacks. However, it does not affect buildings, such as Sentry Guns.

The EMP Grenade is only used by the Engineer.


The EMP is devastating, as it can kill any class that has most of its ammo. This makes it an easy way to get rid of powerful classes, such as the Soldier or Heavy, that are clustered together and/or have control over a major chokepoint.

It is extremely useful on Attack and Defend maps, where strong enemies tend to cluster up in order to attack. Because attackers rarely are able to regain ground after they've lost it, attacking Engineers can attack the enemy with EMPs and not worry that enemies will destroy their buildings.

EMPs, in conjunction with backpacks, can be used to set up traps. Ask your allies to drop backpacks at an area that is often visited by enemies, such as the front of your base. When you see an enemy is coming over to he yard, prime an EMP. As soon as the enemy gets near the backpacks, toss the EMP. The EMP will blow up the backpacks, which in turn will kill the enemy that's near them. However, this has limited practical use, as it goes on the assumption that your EMP will be ready to explode when the enemy gets near the backpacks. Only use it when you're goofing around.

EMPs are great grenades to use when deathmatching an opponent. An EMP that explodes near a target will always kill him in one shot, so make sure to prime an EMP when you begin to deathmatch an enemy.


Article on Official Team Fortress Wiki: EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade was supposed to be in Team Fortress 2, but was cut when throwable grenades were deleted.


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