The Equalizer is an unlockable melee weapon for the Soldier. It is a silver-headed pickaxe with blood on both its ends. As the user loses health, they will do more damage. At full health, it will do 33 damage, at 114 it does 65 (regular damage), 52 health does 88 (mini-crit damage), and at 1 it does 107. While active, this weapon blocks Medics healing them in any way, including taunts or shots from the Crusader's Crossbow. You can still pick up Health Packs while this weapon is active. This weapon uses the Kamikaze taunt, which will kill the player in all cases unless Ubercharged with the default Medigun or has the Rocket Jumper equipped. Criticals at the max damage can kill a non-Overhealed Heavy in a single hit, as it will do 321 damage. The Equalizer used to give BOTH increased running speed AND damage but it was split into TWO weapons and the running part went to the Escape Plan.