Execution is a Taunt done by the Pyro. This can only be done with the pyro's secondary weapon replacement, the Scorch Shot. When the taunt key is activated, the pyro pulls out his scorch shot and aims it forward, shoots a shot, and returns to normal position. This taunt is 3 seconds long, and consumes 1 ammo, though it can still be done when there is no ammo left but this is a bug. This cannot be aimed upward, only sideways. This does 500 damage at point-blank range, and the normal damage and ignition time as a default flare after point-blank range. This ignites enemies if they survive, such as a Spy cloaked with the Dead Ringer. This can mini-crit to deal 675 damage. Like most kill taunts, this does work normally during Humiliation and Stalemate. This is notably used in the "Meet the Pyro" video made by Valve, when the pyro appears to use a bubble wand in pyroland but in reality uses this kill taunt to kill a BLU Scout.

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