The Fan O'War is a promotional melee weapon for the Scout. It is a large metal gunbai war fan. This weapon deals 90% less damage than other weapons, making it not for direct combat, as it deals a pitiful 4 damage, and even critical hits deal only 11 damage, a little more than 1/3 of the default Bat's damage. The special ability of this weapon is that it can mark a target for death for 15 seconds. This means that they will take mini-crits (35% extra damage) for 15 seconds. Only one player at a time can be marked for death. If another target is marked, the mini-crits will switch over to the latest target. This is effective when using combos (mark an enemy and pump 2-3 quick shots to deal huge amounts of damage), and even more effective when with other teammates, particularly a Heavy, as their miniguns can now still do decent damage at long range. In full scale battles, marked enemies will die very fast. While players can mark a burning player for extra damage, it is simply more efficient to shoot them a few times. However, if you know the enemy is on low health/new burn and you know that the player will not get to a health pack in time, then you can simply mark them and hit them to death somehow for humiliation.

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