For information on the update, see Scout Update.
Previous February 20, 2009 Patch
Current February 24, 2009 Patch
Next February 25, 2009 Patch
Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released.
Official update page: The Scout Update.

Patch NotesEdit

Scout Update banner TF2

Team Fortress 2 Edit

  • Added the Force-A-Nature, the Sandman, and Bonk! Atomic Punch
  • Added 35 new Scout achievements
  • Added crit boosted on/off sound effects
  • Added new sounds for upgraded Teleporters
  • Added new sound for a fully charged Medic dying
  • Add bonus points section to scores
    • Scouts earn a bonus point for killing Medics who are actively healing a target
  • Added several new speech concepts, mostly hooked up to new Scout lines
  • Added new "Remember last weapon between lives" option to the Multiplayer Advanced dialog
  • Spies can now control which weapon the enemy team sees them holding. Hitting the "last disguise" key while disguised updates the disguise to show the Spy's currently held weapon
  • Added several new Arena mode announcer speech events.
  • Added "First Blood" to Arena mode
  • Removed 2x item respawn times in arena
  • Changed backstab handling to fix facestabs
  • Spies disguised as enemy team can now see player IDs for enemies
  • Added community maps: Egypt (cp_egypt), Watchtower (arena_watchtower), and Junction (cp_junction).
  • Updated Fastlane (cp_fastlane) with Arttu's new version
  • Added new input for forward speed modifier to FuncTrainTrain
  • Added TeleportToPathTrack input to func_tracktrain
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes gib from non-gib damage kills
  • Fixed stat screen showing an entry for a class called "map."
  • Fixed item model panels not using team skins
  • Fixed obscure bug where spectators were able to carry the flag.

Undocumented ChangesEdit

  • Added new Scout voice lines.
  • Added a new taunt, used by the Sandman
  • Reduced stab radius to 160 degrees. Removed quickbackstabs and thus reduced the Spy's backstab range[1]. Made backstabs quicker.


  1. This has since been reverted

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