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Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released.

Patch NotesEdit

Team Fortress 2Edit

  • Added "Custom" tab to the server browser
    • Servers can now specify metatags describing the custom rules they've adopted
    • Players can use tag filtering to find servers running the custom rules they want to play
    • Added options for servers who want to become custom games: Disable Critical hits (tf_weapon_criticals), eliminate respawn times (mp_disable_respawn_times), and raise maxplayers above 24
  • Initial release of Tournament mode (mp_tournament)
    • UI for handling team naming, ready mode, and win results
    • Disables team player limits, autobalancing, and intermission
  • Class balancing

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Added protection against voice command spamming. Dramatic reduction in Teleporters needed
  • Added "Toggle Disguise Team" binding in Options->Keyboard to toggle the disguise team for the Spy's PDA
  • Changed PDA menus to accept keys bound to "slot1", "slot2", etc., and "slot10" cancels
  • Changed team autobalance code to not balance the teams when the active round timer shows less than 60 seconds
  • Changed Engineer buildings to detonate when a player disconnects instead of blinking out
  • Made several improvements to server-side stat reporting (not related to individual player stats)
  • Fixed mp_timelimit ending the map during the middle of a round on maps like Dustbowl and Gravel Pit
  • Fixed "lastdisguise" command not remembering if you were disguised as your own team
  • Fixed Spectator targetID not using team colors
  • Fixed "-maxplayers" on the command line not correctly setting the maxplayers value for the server
  • Fixed Badlands never having Sudden Death triggered
  • Fixed Engineer being able to detonate buildings that are being sapped
  • Fixed potential client crash for players being healed by a Medic or Dispenser

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