Team Fortress 2 Flare Gun for the RED team.

The Flare Gun is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. The Flare Gun looks much like a toy gun, especially when playing the Pyro class as RED. The normal damage is 30, discluding Afterburn. The special ability is the ability to reload when inactive, set enemies on fire, and deal critical hits to players who are already on fire, dealing 90 damage. Its fire rate is about the same as the Huntsman Longbow, and damage (with Afterburn) is about the same as a normal Shotgun blast. This weapon is ideal with the Degreaser or Backburner and Axtinguisher, as the Backburner will give you a extra advantage at the start of a fight, or the Degreaser will let you land critical melee hits. If your target runs off, you can just critical hit them a few times with the Flare Gun, as 3 critical hits will do 270 damage, which doesn't include Afterburn, and should be enough to kill most classes. 
Item icon Festive Flare Gun

A festive flare gun. Note the candycane on the top of the gun replacing the top-trigger.


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