The Force-A-Nature, also known as the FaN to many, is an unlockable primary weapon for the Scout class, replacing the Scattergun. It is a double-barreled hunting shotgun with 2 extremely short barrels, which were cut down to increase pellet spread. It sacrifices the capacity of the Scattergun for maximum blasting power, a faster reload, and a faster firing rate. Any opponent hit by a shot that does more than 40 damage from the Force-A-Nature in close range will fly backwards a considerable distance. The sheer power of the recoil also causes the Scout to fly backwards for an effective 'Third Jump' on top of his regular double jump ability. The Force-a-Nature, at first, appears to deal less less damage than the Scattergun, but in fact it deals more damage (0.9x damage per pellet times 1.2x amount of pellets is 1.08 times normal damage) spread over more pellets, to maximize the weapon's Knockback feature. When firing upwards, the Force-a-Nature will negate the jump and cause you to fall back down. The Force-a-Nature's firing rate is also considerably faster than the Scattergun, unloading both shells in approximately half a second. Like the standard Shotgun and the Scattergun, the Force-A-Nature's first shell will fire at least one pellet straight down the crosshair before 'bullet-spread' takes effect. It can kill a Soldier with two shots even if he has equipped the Battalion's Backup which gives him an extra 20 health. It will also kill an overhealed Pyro or Demoman in two shots. It is automatically rewarded to the player after doing 11 Scout achievements.


Because the FaN has such a low magazine capacity, it is recommended that when you empty the shotgun you should run away immediately. It has a fairly fast reload speed, coupled with the Scout's speed make this good for many hit-and-run tactics as you can simply run around you enemies while you wait for your Force-a-Nature to be reloaded again. Be aware that you should use the 2 shells simultaneously when you reload. This means that if you reload while your other barrel still has a shell in it, you will lose it nonetheless. Like all many shotgun-type guns in the game, the FaN is not very useful at long range. If the player were to combine the FaN with the Atomizer, one could possibly accomplish a "quadruple jump" of sorts, allowing them to get to locations that were once inaccessible.


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