Ghost model TF2
Kill Icon
Basic Information
Damage Done None (Stun)
Affected By · Battalion's Backup: No
· Bonk! Atomic Punch: Yes
· Candy Cane: No
· Chargin' Targe: No
· Dead Ringer: No
· Gunboats: No
· Mini-crits: No
· ÜberCharge: No
Found On Harvest Event, Eyeaduct, Ghost Fort
"Shoot over my bones, and I shall visit upon you a haunting the likes of which you have never seen."
Zepheniah Mann

Ghosts are an environmental hazard unique to the Harvest Event and Eyeaduct Halloween maps. They appear as stereotypical glowing blue sheet ghosts wearing a Ghastly Gibus. They can also be summoned by Merasmus on Ghost Fort.

Harvest Event is haunted by the ghost of Zepheniah Mann, who is larger than the ghosts in Eyeaduct and topped with his personal Ghastly Gibus. He appears at certain spots in the map before following a predetermined route, shortly after which he will disappear. During his brief appearances, the nearby lights will dim and he will echo moans. If any player strays too close, Zepheniah's ghost will utter a boo and scare the player, rendering them stunned for several seconds.

The ghosts on Eyeaduct behave similarly to Zepheniah's ghost, but do not dim the lights, and only spawn after a team captures the control point. Multiple ghosts can be active in Eyeaduct at the same time and will disappear after scaring a player.

Ghosts spawn on Ghost Fort, but only after the control point is captured and the Wheel of Fate determines it. Seven ghosts can also be found lurking in the bottomless pit, one of which is wearing a Ghastly Gibus, much like Zepheniah Mann's ghost.

Killing a player while they are scared by the ghost during the annual Halloween Special will grant the player the Scared Stiff Scarechievement. Additionally, a player scared by the ghost will count towards certain stun related achievements.

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