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For other uses, see Football helmet.
Gridiron Guardian
Heavy with the Gridiron Guardian TF2
Gridiron Guardian RED TF2 Gridiron Guardian BLU TF2
Basic Information
Worn by Heavy
Equip region {{{equipregion}}}
Contributed by Gadget TF2Maps
Trumpet Player
Released Robotic Boogaloo
Availability Uncrate 58, Uncrate (Unusual)
Tradable Yes
Giftable Yes
Paintable Yes
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
"Who dares stand against me NOW?"
The Heavy-bot after unboxing his new favorite hat

The Gridiron Guardian is a community-created headwear item for the Heavy. It is a robotized version of the Football Helmet.

The Gridiron Guardian was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name "The Iron Quarter-Back".

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