Gullywash overlooking a control point TF2
Basic Information
Map Type Control Point
File name cp_gullywash_final1
Developer(s) Arnold
Map Info
Environment Desert
Setting Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Health icon TF2 Health Kits
Small Health pickup TF2 x 16 · Medium Health pickup TF2 x 4
Ammo icon TF2 Ammo Boxes
Small Ammo pickup TF2 x 10 · Medium Ammo pickup TF2 x 4
Map Stamp
Gullywash Map stamp TF2
"ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO OWN LAND IN GULLYWASH? Expensive, but worth it. Your boss will re-evaluate you once he sees your new address. Women will think you are a real man because they will see you live there. They will be too afraid to visit so you have to date with them elsewhere. Everyone will think you are great."
Gullywash description

Gullywash is a standard control point map. Set in a desert environment, the map features the RED and BLU teams fighting for control of the only source of water in the area. To win, a team must capture all five control points.

This map is commonly used for competitive 6v6 matches in ETF2L, AsiaFortress, ESEA and ozfortress competitions. Other maps include Badlands, Granary, Gravel Pit, Freight and the unofficial map Obscure.

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