Halloween pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin TF2
Pickup Type Critical hits
"Ahh, so filling! Hahaha!"
The Heavy on crit-boosting candy

The Halloween pumpkin is a pickup item unique to the Haunted maps: Harvest Event, Mann Manor, Eyeaduct, and Ghost Fort. It is a small, hollowed out pumpkin filled with two chocolate bars and candy corn, which has a random chance of dropping from a killed player (or in Ghost Fort, from destroying a fake prop left by Merasmus). When dropped in this manner, it rotates, glows, and hovers in the same manner as a Health pack or an Ammo kit. A pumpkin will only drop while the Halloween event is active.

When picked up, it will grant 3.2 seconds of crit boost and refilled ammo to the player who picked it up. Pumpkin packages are not team-based, and can be picked up by anyone. Players who collect 20 such pickups during Halloween events will earn the Candy Coroner achievement, and unlock the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask.

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