B-ankh! haunted info TF2

Haunted is an item quality designated for Halloween-themed items. Many, but not all, Halloween items have a Haunted version.

Costume pieces from the Very Scary Halloween event could be obtained in Haunted quality if a Haunted Halloween Gift was found in the Underworld section of Eyeaduct. During the Spectral Halloween Special, items unboxed from Eerie Crates were Haunted, with the exception of the event in which an Unusual hat was found instead. There was also a chance that a Voodoo-Cursed Soul can be obtained in Haunted quality when a player used a Pile of Curses.

Haunted versions of items are visually and functionally identical in-game to their unique counterparts. The hexadecimal color code for Haunted items is

Haunted quality items do not have any special particle effects unlike unusual quality items.

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