Haunted Halloween Gift
Haunted Halloween Gift TF2
Pickup Type Halloween Masks, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Spells or Voodoo-Cursed Items
"Oh hohoho. I love Halloveen!"
The Medic, on receiving gifts.

The Haunted Halloween Gift is a special pickup which is spawned during the Annual Scream Fortress Halloween Update in Mann Manor, Eyeaduct, and Ghost Fort. It is a large, lime-green gift box with a bright orange ribbon. The player who collects the gift box on Mann Manor will receive a random Halloween Mask; upon collecting all nine, one can craft the Saxton Hale Mask. On Eyeaduct, the player who collects the gift box will receive a random Halloween-themed costume piece instead. If the gift box was collected in the Underworld, the costume piece will be in Haunted quality. On Ghost Fort the gift box will contain a Halloween Spell or several Voodoo-Cursed Items, or on rare occasion a Halloween-themed hat or miscellaneous item.

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