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"Thanks for the aid."
The Soldier

Health pickups are items that can be collected in the various maps during gameplay. They restore a set amount of the user's health when picked up and automatically regenerate after ten seconds. There are three different types of health pickups (small, medium, and large) that can be found with each restoring a different amount of hitpoints depending on the size of the pickup and the class you're currently playing. There are also Halloween variants of the health pickups, which can be seen below in the image gallery.

A player can be healed by several different methods, including healing by friendly Medics (and, as a Disguised Spy, enemy Medics as well). Since these pickups are a vital item in combat be sure to use them wisely; consider letting a teammate who has less health than you grab it, or especially a nearby Medic who may need it. When healed by any source outside of a Medic's healing, a small green-colored cross is emitted in the lower-left HUD along with the number of hitpoints restored. Health packs will not grant Overheal.

Health paks are in three sizes, small, medium, and large

A large health pack fills up a players health to the max.

A medium pack gives 50% of the users max health.

A small gives 25% of the users max health.

The Demoman has a special sword, the Clahdmead Mor, which converts all ammo into health. A small weapon pack gives 15, a medium 25, and a large 40. This,unlike other heath packs will always grant the same amount of health. Like health packs, they will not give overheal and is based on users health, not ammo.

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