For the modern class in TF2, see Heavy.
Heavy Weapons Guy
Type Defensive
Health 100 /150
Name Heavy Weapons Guy
Armor 300
Armor Type Heavy
Speed 76%
Appears in Team Fortress
Team Fortress Classic

The Heavy Weapons Guy are the deadly class that can tear apart the enemy team in less than a second if they are in close to mid range (at least 3 seconds) to you with the powerful Minigun, and have a higher survival rate than all of the other classes in direct confrontation. But Heavies should be wary of their surroundings since their main counter classes such as the Spy that can backstab you from behind, the Sniper that can blast any classes' head clean off and the Medic that can make you infected crippling or killing you and possibly infecting your team. So what can you do to stop this counter and survive without changing your class, simple, go to their level. Spies and Snipers will hide in every dark corner in order to kill you or your team. Snipers will nest to snipe your team as Spies will hide in plain sight and attempt to kill your team and destroy your defense. And sometimes medics will wait until the slowest class (that is also a defender) goes along and infects him with the Infection. So hide behind corridors and tear any enemy or suspected spy to pieces. Your other weapons are the double-barreled shotgun for taking out any one at mid to close range which should be used as a second weapon of choice as the third weapon of choice is the single-barreled shotgun for picking off weakened enemies from distance and disrupting the aim of a sniper at long range. Heavies are also armed with the MIRV grenade that should be used for clearing out any attacking or defending enemy team class (also for large groupings of sentry guns) and the frag grenade for picking off light to medium armors and a sentry gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Heavy Weapons Guy is named after DOOM II monster, Heavy Weapons Dude.

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