For other uses, see Football helmet.
Helmet Without a Home
Soldier with the Helmet Without a Home TF2
Helmet Without a Home RED TF2 Helmet Without a Home BLU TF2
Basic Information
Worn by Soldier
Equip region {{{equipregion}}}
Contributed by Populus
Released Pyromania Update
Availability Craft, Drop, Purchase, Uncrate 46, Uncrate (Unusual)
Tradable Yes
Giftable Yes
Paintable Yes
Nameable Yes
Craft #? Yes
"No matter what you do in life, a helmet is man's best friend. And a friend made by yourself is indeed a good friend."
Helmet Without a Home publicity blurb

The Helmet Without a Home is a headwear item for the Soldier. It is an extremely battered, team-colored, plastic football helmet with a torn face mask and a chinstrap which sways about.

The Helmet Without a Home was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name "Gunner's Guard".

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