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Stats Edit

  • Gains focus on kills and assists
  • press reload to activate focus
  • in focus 25% faster charge and no unscoping
  • -20% damage on body shots

Play Style Edit

The Heatmaker is a weapon for very skilled snipers, with the time limit on focus that causes the player to get his shots off fast and less body shot damage, if you don't know what you're doing this weapon will punish you for it. Using this weapon offensively is extremely risky and an aggressive sniper should avoid this and use more reliable options such as the Stock or Machina. This weapon is for the real snipers, the ones that sit in the very back and line up every shot with deadly precision and if you can hit your shots consistently this weapon will reward you greatly. I would not recommend this weapon to new players as this weapon will become frustrating and you will be better off with the Stock or another more reliable option. This is the definition of high risk high reward. Also, IT BLOWS THEIR HEADS CLEAN OFF.

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