The Holy Mackerel is a community made melee weapon for the Scout. It is a fish, presumably a mackerel, wrapped in faded newspaper and tied with a rubber band. The end of the newspaper is shaped for easy handling. The Festive version replaces the newspaper with gift wrap, and places five small, team-colored lights around the handle, as well as one large one in the fish's mouth. While the Scout is moving, the Holy Mackerel will bend around, depending on your direction. This weapon has the same swing rate and damage as the default Bat. This weapon is the same as the Bat, as it has no special ability that is not cosmetic. On a hit with a enemy, the kill feed will say "FISH HIT!" with the hitter's name and the target's name with each hit. On a kill, the kill feed will say "FISH KILL!" with the kill icon.
Item icon Festive Holy Mackerel

A festive mackerel. Note the christmas tree light stuffed in its mouth, and that it is actually hanging out of a wrapper, not it's own skin.

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