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The Incendiary Cannon (or IC) is a weapon in the Team Fortress games. It fires a rocket that has the ability to set somebody on fire if the target is affected by the damage radius or is hit with a direct impact. It uses Rockets for ammo and does not need to be reloaded. It was the basis for the Flare gun from Team Fortress 2.

It is only used by the Pyro.

Its ammo consumption depends on the game; in Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress, it uses three Rockets, while in Team Fortress Classic, it uses one Rocket.

Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory FortressEdit

The Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress IC is a fine weapon when your team is being harassed by a Sniper or two or your Snipers are engaged in a Sniper War. A few rockets shot at their nest usually scares them off long enough so that your offense can get into the enemy's base. If the Sniper is hit by the rocket or its splash damage, he will be set on fire, making it almost impossible for him to effectively aim. When using the IC against Snipers, make sure that you weave in and out of cover. If you stand around, you'll be a prime target for the Sniper.

The IC is also useful if you're running out of Cells for your Flamethrower. The IC can do enough damage to kill a weakened target, which allows you to use the Cells the target drops.

Team Fortress ClassicEdit

In Team Fortress Classic, the IC will be one of your most-used, if not the most used, weapon by the Pyro because of how poor the Flamethrower is. A direct impact does 20 damage and bypasses armor, so try to aim for a direct impact if you can. Even if the target is not directly hit by the rocket, he will be set on fire via the splash damage.

When using the IC, aim for weak targets, such as the Scout and Sniper. Their low HP and armor makes them very vulnerable to an IC's splash damage. In addition, the splash damage will set the target on fire, doing even more damage.

The IC can also be used to suppress enemy Snipers ala the QWTF and ETF versions of the weapon.



  • The QWTF and TFC IC use the Rocket Launcher's model.
  • For some reason, the arms on TFC's IC aren't team colored.
  • TFC's IC uses The HECU RPG's model from Half-Life 1

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