Killstreaks are essentially where it counts your kills withim one life, and if you reach milestones (5, 10, 15, ect;.) It will display a message to the entire server (*Your Steam Name* Is on a Killing Spree, Unstoppable, Godlike ect;.)

You can collect a Killstreak Kit from Unboxing a Mann Co. Crate series No.#82, Which contains:

Rocket Launcher Killstreak Kit.

Scattergun Killstreak Kit.

Sniper Rifle Killstreak Kit.

Shotgun Killstreak Kit.

Ubersaw Killstreak Kit.

Gloves of Running Urgently Killstreak Kit.

Spy-cicle Killstreak Kit.

Axtinguisher Killstreak Kit.

You can also collect a random Killstreak Kit from completing a Mann Vs Machine Tour, As well as a Fabricator (Specialized or Professional Killstreak Fabricator)

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