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Backpack Knife
Kill Icon
Killicon knife
Backstab kill icon TF2
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Melee
Availability Stock, Uncrate #24 (Strange), Uncrate #35 (Festive), Uncrate #39 (Strange), Reward (Botkiller and Australium)
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
Medieval Yes
Ammo loaded N/A
Ammo carried N/A

The Knife, also known as the Butterfly Knife or Balisong, is the default melee weapon for the Spy. It is a foldable butterfly knife with a handle clip and clip-point blade. The knife does 35-45 damage with a average of 40. The main feature of this weapon is it's Backstabs, as they kill all users in one hit, unless the user has more than 3 health and is cloaked with the Dead Ringer, or Ubercharged with the stock Medic's Medigun.

Item icon Festive Knife
A festive knife.
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