Knife (Classic)

Instant Kill from directly behind an enemy

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The Knife is a weapon in the Team Fortress series. It is a melee weapon like the Axe, but it is capable of causing Backstabs, which kill a target in one hit, no matter what class the target is. If the Knife is used like the Axe, it does double the damage that the Axe does.

This weapon is only used by the Spy.


The Knife is the Spy's deadliest weapon if used effectively. However, you'll need to get close to a target in order to backstab them in the first place. Since the Spy has low health and average armor, you'll need to use the Spy's special skills, such as disguises, cloaking and feigning death to get close. Once you get close, make sure you're completely facing the enemy's back, or you might miss. Remember, you only have one chance to backstab someone, because they'll turn and attack you if you mess it up.

In conjunction with the Tranquilizer Gun, the Knife can be used to backstab any class. Simply fire a tranq dart at an enemy, then run up and backstab him while he's still under its effects. This combo makes it extremely easy to backstab a Heavy or Soldier because they need to turn to hit you, but their turning speed is reduced because of the tranq.

When backstabbing, try to kill someone that is a key part of the enemy's defense, such as an Engineer, Soldier, or Heavy. Backstabbing a Sniper is fun, but it'll have little effect on your team's attacking skills unless the Sniper is pinning your team down.

If you don't make a backstab, you can either try to kill the enemy with the Knife by treating it like the Axe, or you can retreat and try again.

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