The Loose Cannon is a community-made primary weapon for the Demoman. It resembles a pirate-style cannon with a stock and a sight near the front of the barrel. This weapon, although unlisted has a 50% faster projectile than the standard Grenade Launcher. However, it has a 50% damage penalty after touching a surface, and deals 11-32 damage. The canonballs shot explode automatically after 1 second, and do 22-64 damage. A direct hit will not explode automatically, but will stil inflict 57-77 damage of contace and inflict extremely potent knockback, stronger than a Compression blast. The direct hit is good for a utility move near a natural hazard or for escaping. This weapon can explode the cannonball earlier than the 1 second fuse by holding down the fire key and releasing it, dealing the splash damage, (22-64). This weapon has a clip of 4 and carries a total of 20 ammo including the clip. The first reload takes 1.24 seconds and the reloads after that take 0.6 seconds, unless the player fires a shot and the weapon will have to do the 1.24 second reload again.

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