Stats Edit

  • on full charge +15% damage buff
  • on full charge bullets penetrate players for collaterals
  • cannot fire unless scoped
  • fires tracer rounds

Play Style Edit

The Machina is a very reliable sniper rifle and therefor will fit nicely in the hands of an aggressive sniper. Not being able to fire unscoped is not to much of an issue as you shouldn't go for no-scopes very often anyway. Because of the tracer rounds, enemies will be able to track you down and find your location a lot easier and that shouldn't be taken lightly, because of this you must move often or enemy Snipers and Spies will have you in no time. With this weapon you will want to stay just a little behind your team but not way in the back, with the increased body shot damage it is a lot easier to be aggressive as a fully charged body shot has a MUCH greater chance of killing in one shot. 173 damage can be expected from fully charged shots, that's insane. That can kill a Scout, Sniper, Engineer with Gunslinger, Medic, and a Demoman or Pyro that's even slightly injured will die.

Best Loadouts Edit

A good loadout with the Machina has it paired up with the Darwins Danger Shield and the Shahansha. The Danger shield will allow you to survive headshots from enemy Snipers which will constantly be after you because of the tracer rounds and the Shahansha beause if the sniper pulls out the melee than he is probably about to die so the extra damage below half health helps. This loadout allows you to not be terrified of Snipers all the time and focus on taking out assets to the enemy team.

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