The Mad Milk is a community-made secondary weapon for the Scout. It is a non-descript bottle of milk with no cap. The liquid inside sloshes with movement. Attacking with this weapon produces a projectile that the Scout appears to throw at enemies. When the projectile hits a solid object of any kind, enemies within its range will be coated with the Mad Milk debuff, which causes attackers to recieve 60% of the damage they do to the affected person back as health. This has the same splash range of the Sniper's Jarate and takes 20 seconds to recharge. Spies who backstab a health enemy will recieve a massive health boost, as they will be dead and backstabs always crit resulting in 180% damage done healed.

Miraculously, if a Scout with this weapon active dies, and the milk is dropped to the ground sideways or upside down, the milk stays in the container. Enemies coated in Mad Milk will drip water particles colored white, and in non-colorblind mode covered enemies have a white drip over their health cross.

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