The Mantreads are a community-made secondary weapon for the Soldier. They are a pair of dark brown tanker boots.


Equipping the weapon gives the player 75% knockback resistance against everything, such as damage or the Compression Blast from the Pyro. Also, as a bonus, landing on a enemy will deal triple the fall damage you would've taken onto the enemy, and negates the fall damage you would have taken. This is effective with the Rocket Jumper, as you take no damage from the rocket and still deal damage toward the enemy. This is extremely effective off a building, and can kill enemies instantly if done correctly. Take care not to shoot your enemies while you are in mid-air unless you know where they may land, as rockets will blast them far enough that you will probably miss. As you will be very close your target, unless you know they have little health left (meaning you can dispatch them with a usual max of 2 or less rockets) don't use your rocket launcher, as you will take extreme self-damage. Since you are so close, using melee is a good option as you have already dealt damage so your random critical hit chance will be higher. As many of the Soldier's melee weapons have random crits (the Market Gardener doesn't), this is a good option.

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