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Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released.

Patch NotesEdit

Team Fortress 2Edit

  • Updated versions of CP_Dustbowl, CP_Badlands, and CTF_Well with several exploit fixes
  • Fixed Linux build not handling FCVAR_REPLICATED and FCVAR_NOTIFY cvars correctly
  • Plugged an exploit where the server could send executable code to the client
  • Fix client crash on exit while processing game stats
  • Updated the Stats Summary screen to remember your previous selections each time you open the menu and while changing levels
  • Added mp_stalemate_at_timelimit ConVar for server admin to allow Sudden Death when mp_timelimit hits on non-Valve maps
  • Updated CTF mode to remember the player who stole the intelligence from the enemy base and reward that player if the flag is captured by someone else
  • Replace underscores in map names with spaces so custom maps with names like cp_gravel_pit will show as "GRAVEL PIT"
  • Hitting F4 while the tournament mode "Ready" countdown is active won't automatically set a team to "Not Ready"
  • Fixed auto-screenshots not being taken at the end of the map during tournament mode
  • Fixed gates being closed during the pre-round time during tournament mode
  • Fixed GetDynamicBaseline crash
  • Fixed rare animation triggered sound crash

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