49px-Amputator 1st person red

A red Medic holding the Amputator needed to do this taunt.

The Medicating Melody taunt is a healing Taunt done only by the Medic with his Amputator. For a medium-long range, it will heal all true teammates at the same rate of the default Medigun when in combat, which is 25 health a second, and when out of combat (10 seconds) it heals 75 health. It takes 4.2 seconds to finish and the healing affect lasts 8 seconds. It is very useful in medieval mode as all players can only use melee weapons, and a 25 health per second boost can be very useful especially for a rush into enemy territory. This is very useful in standard gameplay if there are too many wounded teammates to heal, and you have no time. The taunt will heal a max of 200 if all team members stay within the healing range. The medic assumes a position to play the violin and pretends to "play" the saw while violin music plays. Healed teammates have a team-colored ring surrounding them while the taunt is healing them, similar to the Quick-Fix ubercharge effect when activated.

Healing AbilitiesEdit

This taunt will not:

  • Heal disguised/cloaked enemy Spys
  • Overheal teammates
  • Make overheal not drain
  • Give Uber to the medic taunting
  • Heal the medic taunting

This taunt will

  • Heal true teammates
  • Heals them within large range
  • Will heal friendly cloaked/disguised spies
  • Heal unlimited number of teammates at one time
  • The healing effect can stack if another medic is taunting the same taunt
  • The taunt team-colored rings don't show on friendly cloaked spies

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