NOTE: This was created for fun purposes.

Meet the Scout: The Lost Scene
Released January 18, 2007 (Not actual release, and not real.)
Run time 1:16

Transcript Edit

RED Scout: ...

(RED Scout grabs his scattergun and becomes angry.)


RED Scout: and fat-ball fatty-fat... fat-fat!

(RED Scout runs outside.)

BLU Heavy: Innnnco- (gets shot by red scout's scattergun) *Death Scream*

RED Scout: Yeah, come get some you freakin' wuss!

(Video cuts to BLU Medic running away.)

BLU Medic: this is actually really bad...

(BLU Medic falls through the ground, breaking his own legs and dies.)

(Video cuts again to RED Scout.)

RED Scout: ey, what's up.

RED Spy: What?

RED Scout: Wanna have a revolver?

RED Spy: No, scout i already have one. and i dont need one of your stupid revolvers.

(RED Scout aims at the RED Spy's Face with his Revolver)

RED Spy: *Screams*

(RED Scout Shoots the spy, and then the video cuts to static.)

(A text with the Comic Sans font shows up, and the text says "THE END")

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