Merasmus is a boss featured in the Spectral Halloween Special 2012 update. He was the former roommate of the Soldier, whom he later threw out. The Soldier then trashed his house, and burned his body when his ghost came out, which caused him to become very angry and go after his team. Years ago, a young Demoman was looking for a job, and Merasmus hired him to clean up his library, and while doing so he looked into the Bombinomicon which he was not supposed to do, resulting in Merasmus having to take out his eye. Merasmus does not like doing the chores that Soldier has to do. He is voiced by Nolan North, along with his magic book the Bombinomicon.



  • "By the power of the Bominomicon."
  • "That may seem good, but it will be bad, in the fullest of time."
  • "Rain of Jarate."

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